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Poster: deadpolitics Date: Apr 6, 2010 3:41pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dylan banned in China

Bob Dylan won't be singing "Blowin' in the Wind" to audiences in Shangai and Beijing after all.

Chinese officials who disapproved of his ‘60s counterculture anthems and who have final veto power on performances by Western artists have apparently put the kabosh on his China concerts, according to E! Online. They've reportedly vetoed his performances in Shangai and Beijing.

The call was placed by China's ministry of culture, Jeffrey Wu of the Taiwan-based promoters Brokers Brothers Herald, who told the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

"With Beijing and China ruled out, it was not possible for him just to play concerts in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan," Wu said, according to E! "The chance to play in China was the main attraction for him. When that fell through everything else was called off."

Dylan's in good company among the performers to have had their concerts banned or censored.

Elton John, Harry Connick Jr., Oasis and the Rolling Stones have all been in the same boat at one time or another.

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Poster: beijingscene Date: Apr 7, 2010 6:19am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dylan banned in China

don't believe everything you read. the taiwan promoter gambled on what he could clear between the $3 million guarantee dylan required and the action he could lay off on local chinese promoters. unfortunately no one was buying. very few living chinese have ever heard of bob dylan, never mind buying out venues to see him--so the promoter came up with a fee-nullifying political excuse. i have been assured by reliable sources that bob dylan was not banned in china, no one wants to see him. but it makes for great headlines.

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Poster: barongsong Date: Apr 7, 2010 11:50am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dylan banned in China

Don't know the details really but this sounds about right in the real world.